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IM Florida Training Log #1

triathlon_rinse_repeat_post_cards-p239736504849873137en7lo_216Sitting on the couch.  Should go spinning on my fixie to loosen the legs.  But I’m planted on my L watching the Falcons.  Longest training week of 2013 in the books.  Got in 11 hours this week with 6+ hours, Fri-Sun.  Definitely feeling the fatigue in my legs.  Moods aren’t terrible so the training load is acceptable… for now.  Coach is letting me get some bike volume in early before the push to April’s Boston Marathon.  I’m still getting some good runs in and optimistic about my current conditioning.

Mother Nature was the biggest limitor this week.  Rain, Rain, and little more Rain.  We missed the snow, sadly, but at least it’s cold.  I enjoy my cold morning runs.  Only 40+ weeks until IM Florida.

More fun to follow.


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