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IM Florida Training Log Week #3


Hill Training. Get Some!!!

Week 3 in the books.  I’m going to break with the brief tradition of these training logs.  It’ll make more sense looking back on this journal to separate the 3 sports.


Volume was down a tad.  I did do a brief swim video.  I wanted to check on my cross-over.  It’s improved if I really concentrate on pulling my shoulder back.  Fortunately,  I can feel a stronger pull with the lats.  Will need to strengthen that move.  My streamline is improving slowly, but I still notice some fishtailing especially using the swim buoy.  Still a little too much scissor-kicking.  Dang, way too many swim thoughts.

If I’m honest, my 100y time isn’t faster.  I’m hoping to get more efficiency over my long distance swims.  Try to save some energy for the rest of the triathlon.  We’ll see.


Another ok bike week.  Got stuck inside on the trainer Saturday for my long bike.  I’m not a trainer fan.  Anything over an hour is torture for me usually.  I put in a couple of videos and whined through 3+hours.  Thankfully, the training plan just called for an endurance ride so I didn’t have to concentrate on pushing big watts.  Got another Tri Club group ride completed, thanks to Dave T.  We are now averaging a whopping 2.5 cyclists per ride.  Too many fair weather members or too many folks watching all the preSuper Bowl activities?!


Keep pushing towards April 15th.  Volume up to mid 30s.  I did an early week 14 miler starting in Zone 1/2 for first half, then coming home in a controlled Zone 3.  That run hurt for some reason.  I’m close to game shape for the 10miler and half-mary I’ve got coming up.  On Sunday, I pushed it up to a 17 mile hilly run.  Gotta get ready for miles 16-21 at Boston.  I skipped on the very challenging hilly route and tested the legs near the house doing repeats at every “hill” I encountered.   My hamstrings still feel trashed.  Maybe next week I’ll get over to Burningtree Mtn.

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