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BumbleBee gets a facelift

I’ve been pondering how to bring the BumbleBee out of retirement.  The smart decision would be to sell it but unfortunately it has sentimental value (much to the dismay of my wife and kids’ college funds).  I did have a few potential buyers but decided to give it a new life as a road bike.

I knew this was to be a budget build or “The Boss”, as she is affectionately called,  would throw me in the street.  I kept the SRAM brakes as they are new and function well.  The FSA-SLK standard crank with Quarq PM was staying as well.  Would prefer a compact crank but will run with this for now.

I kept the ISM Adamo Breakaway saddle too.  The real work came when I removed the basebar,  aerobars , and all the cables/housing.

Courtesy of Bob’s Bikes in Bham, AL, I picked up a Specialized expert alloy shallow bend handlebar which has an ergonomic top perch.  I had to swap out stems as the original Vision basebar has the smaller 26mm diameter.  Luckily, I found a OS stem (100mm length with +/-6degrees rise), off Felt road bike I used to have.  It was a perfect fit and length albeit not carbon.

Thanks goes to Cahaba Cycles in Homewood, Al for selling me a pair mildly used Shimano 105 road shifters.  After a little price negotiation, I brought those babies home with new housing and cables.  BTW, your local bike shop is a great place to look for spare parts.  You can frequently get a good deal if you’re willing to haggle a little.

I realize this is a poor picture but I took a break after getting the new stem, handlebars, and right shifter on the bike.   

The left shifter, cables, housing definitely went faster after I toiled with the right side.  It reminded me how much I hated to change the cables.  It’s aerodynamic to have internally routed cables but challenging to work with especially on early models like my ’07 QR Caliente.  I had to fabricate a few jigs to make this process easier over the years.

A couple of days later I had cut new housing, routed new cables from the new shifter to the brakes and derailleurs.  A few adjustments and I have to admit it came together fairly well.

I, lastly, wrapped the handlebars with some nice Specialized Roubaix bar tape.   A few rides later, I’ve removed a few fork spacers to drop the handlebars and moved the saddle back to a slacker seat angle closer to 75 degrees.  As a result, the saddle came up 1/2 inch as well.  Now, I have a mountain killer…just have to tell my legs that.

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