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Garmin update/Memorial Day!

Finally the long-awaited Garmin 500 software update.   Version 3.0.  It will include the following goodies:

– Added two additional training pages.
– Added various power-related data fields, including left and right balance for supported power meters, Normalized Power (NP), Intensity Factor (IF), Training Stress Score (TSS), maximum lap power, last lap power, and Watts/kg power.
– Improved support for power-based workouts.
– Added the ability to modify the FTP value and to recalculate the power zones based on the new FTP value.
– Made improvements to the power meter calibration process.
– Fixed an issue where Auto Zero was incorrectly displayed as an option when paired to the PowerTap hub.
– Improved the calculation of elevation gain/loss.
– Improved the calculation of time behind on the Virtual Partner page.
– Fixed various issues with viewing activities in history.
– Fixed various issues related to courses.
– Fixed various other issues.
– Updated translations.

I’m most excited about using the NP (normalized power), TSS (Training Stress Score), and IF (Intensity Factor).  They are metrics that I’ll use on tempo training rides or long rides where I’m trying to hit certain power zones.  It’ll be helpful in races to some degree.  If I ever update my powermeter to a newer model Quarq or if Garmin ever releases the Garmin Vector pedal-based powermeter, I’ll also be able to look at left vs right leg power. Cool stuff for a techno-loving guy like me.

Weekend plans:

I’m finally accompanying my family to the beach over the Memorial Day weekend.  I’ve got 2+ hours of running planned including one med-long brick run.  If got to find some hills at the beach (yeah, right?).  Friday=90min tempo ride; Saturday=2 1/2hour hilly ride +brick run; and if legs haven’t fallen off –Sunday=4 hour hilly ride. Just your routine 120+ mile bike weekend with 16+running.  Oh I forgot, fit in 3500y of swimming if possible too.   As I have suggested before, I believe my Coach he systematically trying to kill me.  Now that I think of it, maybe I’m not accompanying my family to the beach as I’ll be out training most of the day.  Geez, I really need to find an easier addiction.  I quit golf because it was too expensive and time-consuming..Ha..What the hell was I thinking?

On Memorial Day, we remember and honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country


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