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Race Weight Rule #3

weightlossSo how’s everybody doing with their 2013 diets.  Almost to your goal?  Rocking the veggies? Bought a new wardrobe already?  If you’re like me, the answer to all questions is a resounding and depressing, no!

Don’t worry this is all part of the process.  Rule #3 may seem like a concluding theme.  But I like to insert it early in the schedule.  Here’s the lesson.  You must want to change your behavior.  You have to realize that as much as you enjoy those chips and dip, you much rather weigh less, run faster, look better in a bathing suit, or just be healthier.

Race Weight Rule #3:  Understand the process.  Decide to change your behavior because the goal is more important than any obstacle.

I use this in my medical practice frequently.  Lots of patients want or need to lose weight due to diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease.  I can prescribe a cookie-cutter diet and give them a pep-talk and send them on their way.  Most will fail.  The ones that succeed have made a conscious decision to change their lifestyle.

So, if you’re falling off the wagon frequently, write down a pro/con list.  You’ll find the reasons to put down that doughnut far out pace the ones to eat it.  Don’t stop there however.  You must reenforce this daily unless you have the will power of a Tibetan monk.  Imagine that PR race unfolding or more importantly…Taking that awesome finisher’s photo.  Looks much better without that double-chin and belly sticking out.  Ok, maybe that’s just my sad perspective.

Keep working toward that goal.  Race weight Rule #4 is easier.  You can doooo  it!


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