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The Duct Tape Diaries

I’ve got a sprint-distance duathlon on the calendar soon.  It got me thinking about speedy transitions.  I’m going to need all the free speed I can steal as the competition in my age-group is tough this year.  I usually run without socks for most distances shorter than half-distance.  Foot blisters are a frequent race issue when going “feet commando”.  I usually use Body-Glide or a similar lubricant for high-friction areas.  Tough type Band-aids work well also.  I recently read where a pro-ITU-triathlete uses duct tape to the hots zone on his feet.  According to this guy, the duct tape is very water-resistant and stays on through out the entire race.

I thought I would share all my duct tape triathlon uses.  You’re welcome to add yours to the list.  I’ve listed them in, of course, swim-bike-run order.  Enjoy!

1.   Impromptu swim cap–may hurt to remove unless your dome is hairless.

2.  Use to close a wetsuit tear.  Tape to the wetsuit when stretched on inside or outside depending on preference.  Color matching is recommended.

3.  Duct tape foot hot-zones before the swim and fear biking and running without socks no more!

4.  Use to repair goggle straps or tape goggles to swim cap if you’re in for a dishwasher-like wave start.

5.  Neon colored duct tape on ground at your bike in transition area.  I’ve used neon green and either made an arrow pointing to my bike in the rack or a big smiley face.  Never miss your bike in transition again.  Please remove after the race.

6.  Tape gels to top-tube and tear off as needed.

7.  When I used a Profile design between aerobar drink bottle, I duct-taped the top to keep fluids from sloshing out.

8.  Duct tape cracked cable housing.  Tape cable ends that are fraying.

9.  Tape the ventilation holes in your aero-helmet and triathlon cycling shoes if it’s a frigid race.

10.  Use to tape your race numbers to the bike frame.  I routinely cut the oversized bike numbers down, then tape them to the bike frame.  Nice and clean.

11.  Tape your loose bike helmet strap-ends.

12.  Use duct tape on the inside of a tire if you have a side wall tear.  Works great.  I tore an inch long hole in my training bike about 20miles from home once and duct tape saved the day.  BTW, a folded-up dollar bill works well too.

13.  Of course, it’s great for repairing grip tape tears or just as a finishing tape.  Too non-absorbent for the entire grip however.

14.  As the above picture suggests, you may be able to make a wheel-cover for your rear wheel.  Very cheap disc wheel?  Probably not.

15.  I tape up the valve hole on my disc wheel.

16.  I’ve duct-taped a flat kit (tube, inflator, CO2) under my seat for Ironman.

17. Shoe repair–color matching is recommended.

19.  Race-belt repair also.

20.  I dare you to put it around the bridge of your sunglasses.  Return of the Nerds, notwithstanding!

Trying to end on a nice round number plus my brain just went blank.  Sadly, that is not a new phenomenon. 


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