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2012, In the Books.

wetdog12I had a lot of fun in the first year of this blog.  Still a novice at all the widgets, but that’s for 2013.  Thanks to all the readers.  It proves that I’m not the only person looking for a break from reality TV.  2012 was a non-Ironman year.  I raced more than usual and reached most of my goals.

Totals:  2012(2011)

SWIM:  187,100 SCY (206,500 SCY)

BIKE:  3764 miles (4655 miles)

RUN:  1283 miles (1440 miles)

All mileage was down.  Didn’t get in the pool as much as I should have but my swim splits did improve.  Go figure.  The faster swims were mostly wetsuit or speedsuit aided, I will admit.  Bike mileage down as expected with shorter distance races.  I did train at higher intensity so we’ll call it quality over quantity this year.

2012 Bests of the Year:

1.  Best personal race performance: Chattahoochee Challenge Half Distance Triathlon.This was my favorite of the year for multiple reasons.  I finished top-10 overall and first in my age-group, going sub 5hours for the first time.  Qualified for 2012 USAT Age-Group Champoinship also.  It was a well-paced race without any big mechanicals, etc.  Well organized and a lot of fun.  Highly recommended for a non-WTC branded 70.3 race.

2. Worse personal race performance: Wet Dog Triathlon.  Just never got into a groove during this race.  It’s in my backyard and I always look forward to it but I came into the race tired.  Incentive to bring it in 2013.

3. Best race swag/post-race food:  Goosepond Half Distance Triathlon.  Have to give to Parker E.  From techie shirt to arm warmers, the race swag was nice.  Spicy jambalaya and microbrewery beer at the finishline.  Need I say more.

4. Best swim: Chattahoochee Half.  Anytime you can go downriver with a brisk current, your split will be nice.   That is until you turn and struggle upriver.

5. Best Bike: Frantic Frog Triathlon.  Got to jump on the bike and hammer as hard as I could for 13+miles.  Had some good tailwind for half the race.  Black Mamba, she was, ah, moving.  Hit that rare feeling that I could keep pushing the power for another hour.  Race endorphins…very addictive.

6. Best Run: Huff ‘n Puff 15k.  Didn’t feel like an old man that day.  Legs had a Forrest Gump day: “Just felt like running”.

7. Best New Triathlon Gear: Black Mamba, of course.  This new Trek Speed Concept is one fast bike.  Just need to get the engine up to snuff.

8. Best Training Podcast: IM Talk.  Bevan James Eyles and John Newsome are always informative and entertaining.  Usually good for an hour+ of triathlon, general fitness discussion and current news.  Honorable Mention: Marathon Training Academy.

9. Best Pro Male Triathlon Performance: Peter Jacobs @IM World Championships in Kona.  Lots of great races by the pros this year to pick from.  Gotta go with the well-paced race of the not-favored Aussie to win in the lava fields.  Sometimes it’s easier not to have the bullseye on you.

10. Best Pro Female Triathlon Performance (Tie): Caroline Steffen @IM Melbourne.  She smoked the bike in 4:35 passing some pro men in the process.  Setting, I think, the fastest IM bike split for a woman, also.  She finished up the year with a 2nd in Kona.  Not too shabby.  Then there’s Leanda Cave.  Wins the double:  70.3 and Ironman World Championships.  One fast woman.

11. Best TV Triathlon coverage:  2012 Summer Olympics–Men’s and Women’s Triathlon race.  Very cool to see the Brownlees and Javiar Gomez sprinting down the last mile.  Awe-inspiring to watch USA’s Sarah Groff get dropped in the run, then fight back to lead group again.  That takes heart and strength.  She finished 10secs off the medal stand.

12. Biggest Male Disappointment of the Year:  Lance Armstrong.  It was just a matter of time.  I would’ve loved to follow the media circus and race unfold in Hawaii this year.  But good he departed before breaking too many records in triathlon.  Still an amazing endurance athlete.

13. Biggest Female Disappointment of the Year:  Retirement of Chrissie Wellington.  I’m only mildly disappointed because she was such a remarkable athlete.  She was undefeated in every IM race she entered.  She owns the IM distance record time.  But she will accomplish more with her charities than she did racing triathlons.

I could keep going but I’ll end with Chrissie and her smile.2011 Ironman World Championship

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope 2013 brings health, happiness, and prosperity.

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