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Just a quick update on all things multisport for yours truly.

I wish I could regale you with all the fascinating reports of recent races.  However, it’s mainly been work, call, training, call, and some more training.  Ironically, I’m feeling more rested.  Making good progress on the bike…posting some strong times over my 60-90min tempo rides.  Run mileage is picking up too.  I have a couple of 10+ long runs and keeping the 30 min tempo runs going.  I don’t think I’ve lost any run fitness but the overall run volume is down.  Swim volume is down with the restricted summer lap-swim hours.  If anyone can effectively balance all three sports, my hat is off to you.  It’s kind of like golf.  Work on your long game and short game suffers.  Not enough hours in the day.

First news:   The Heel and Crank Duathlon is this Saturday.  I’m returning after a 5 year hiatus.  It’s a flat 2.5 mile run, 10 mile bike, and 2.5 mile run.  The run course is different but the bike route is similar.  I did a mid-long run-bike-run brick last weekend on the course.  It was humid-hot and windy but the course will be fun to sprint.  Forecast is hot and low winds.  Fortunately, it starts at 0700.  This is the second race in the Alabama Championship Series and entries sold out..  There are some seriously fast athletes in my age-group this year.  I’m not in my peak 5K run fitness but I hope my bike split will push me up in the standings.  Race report to follow.

Second:  The Bumblebee will be retiring soon.  The Bumblebee is 6 years old and showing her age.  I’ve raced with her through duathlons to ironman.  In fact, she’ll likely be converted to a road bike even though her geometry is steep.  I’d like to put on road handlebars with shifters.  It’ll be my next project.  After several months of research and comparing many bike brands,  I’ve decided to build-up a Trek 9 series triathlon bike.  I decided on this brand/model for several reasons.  Mainly, the 9 series had everything I was looking for in a super-bike.  I liked the BMC TM01 also but there are no close/local retailers.  Also,  the bike geometry fit closely with the Bumblebee.  I like the very clean lines and component integration.   It’s definitely a wind cheater.  I wish the rider wasn’t such a sail though, Ha!  I’ve got a bike fitting tomorrow.  There are lots of geometry numbers that go into that.  I won’t bore you.  But essentially, I’ll be trying to match the stack and reach on my current steed to the ideal Trek size.  Then I can fine tune the fit with subtle adjustments.  I’m obviously super-pumped.


Lastly:  Old man(me) had another Birthday.  I’ll be moving up to 45-49 age-group next year for USAT races.  Don’t know if that will help or hurt.  Locally, there are some beasts in that age-group.  More training required as usual.  Your asking what I got for my birthday?  Well, I’m happy to share.  From my Number #1 triathlon supporter (my sister), a cool Ironman t-shirt and pendant;  From the missus,  some boxers and shirts.  She got me a 25lb kettlebell.  Not sure what she’s inferring from that…need more junk in the trunk?!;  From my loving kids, hugs and kisses…not.  Just kidding.  I think I got a “Dang, your old” and ” Are you going to color your grays, old man?”; From my super generous mother-in-law,  the coin for a new bike rack.  Pics to follow.  And finally, to myself. ( By the way, my wife hates shopping for me.  I usually buy the stuff I want before she can).  To myself,  a hitch for my car so I can use the aforementioned new bike rack and of course the new bike.  I’m accepting ideas for new bike names also.

Happy Training and Thanks for reading!



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