Race Weight Rules

My reminders for keeping the diet under control.maccafat

1. Drop calorie intake by 200-300 daily.  Or for me, nothing after supper.

2. Reduce refined sugars. Tough anytime of the year.  Walk pass those Reese’s cups.

3. Understand the process.  Decide to change your behavior because the goal is more important than any obstacle.

4.  Careful with post-long workout appetite boost and over-eating.

I also like these rules penned by a Slowtwitch Forum member:
1. No eating after 7:30 unless coming back from a late evening workout over 30min. If under 30min you may have 1 gel and a piece of fruit or 1 energy bar.

2. Dinner is all you can eat, as long as it fits on the coffee saucer the first time. There are no refills in this all you can eat establishment.

3. Hungry at night? Tough – you should have eaten more throughout the day. Have a glass of water instead of whining. Whiners pay rent irregardless if they trained that day or not.

4. Eat something within 20 min of completing all workouts.

5. Insure you are taking in adequate calories during your day

6. Eat a bigger breakfast or lunch if you feel you need more food

7. Make sure you are fueling properly when in your training sessions.

8. Still hungry? Pay rent for whining

Easy Right?  Racing like a greyhound is!


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