Oh Yeah, It’s getting close!


Yup, it’s getting close to my first Boston Marathon.  A little under 3 weeks.  I’ll drop this week’s mileage just a little.  The Scottsboro half-marathon is this Saturday.   On call Friday night, so hoping the sick folks take it easy on me.  If not, I’ll run locally.  That will be my last long run–@15 days prior to race.  My modified taper is usually closer to 15-16 days versus the traditional 3 weeks .  That’s one benefit to being an endurance athlete.  We’re used to the volume.

Bib Numbers were released a few weeks ago:

Bib Wave/
Name Age M/F City St Ctry Ctz  
7020 1/8 Doc 44 M USA USA

I am happy to be in Wave 1, albeit in one of the last corrals.  Amazing how many fast runners out there.  My qualifying time was 3:12.  There are still 7,019 folks with equal or faster times.  Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to wearing my red bib and the recognition that entails (at least in my mind, Ha!).

Mrs. Doc is amusing herself at my expense as I’m preparing our Boston trip itinerary.  She is perfectly happy to travel up there then figure out what sight-seeing to do each day.  I,  on the other hand, being semi-OCD, semi-organized like to plan.  Some of us are planners and some of us are not.  I’m not judging.

But as I explained to Mrs. Doc, there are many attractions, restaurants, etc that require reservations or advanced tickets.  Believe me, she won’t even understand how easy I’m making this for her.  You know what I mean…all us husbands out there.

So, I’ve got 2 Boston RedSox tickets for the Saturday before.  Psyched to see Fenway Park!  I’m narrowing down to a couple of “nice enough to take your wife on a date” restaurants.  I’ve also planned some sight-seeing to Boston Commons, Newbury St, Quincy Market (I know touristy).  I’d like to take the T over to Harvard as well, but we’ll see.  Lots of historical sights as well, but I’ll have to gauge the interest regarding the Freedom Trail, etc.

My research also picked up some interesting Boston Marathon traditions.  For example, I was aware that the course passes by Wellesley College around the half-way point.  I didn’t know they call it the “Tunnel of Love”.  There are usually, in good weather I’m told, a line of Wellesley women holding up signs screaming encouragement and asking for kisses.  Very tempting, if your not going for a PR…Yeah Right.  Kiss on the cheek by a pretty girl…Sign me up.  That’s got to be good for another 13 miles.  We’ll keep that off the official itinerary of course.

Passing through miles 20-21 close to Heartbreak Hill gets you to Boston College.  That’s another tunnel of something.  The fans are just as enthusiastic as Wellesley but usually due to their inebriation. It’s all down hill from there to the finish near Copley Square.

I’ll be very proud to receive my unicorn finisher’s medal.  baa2The unicorn icon was adopted by the Boston Athletic Association(BAA) in 1887.  That was actually 10 years before the first Boston Marathon.  The unicorn symbolizes an ideal in mythology.  An excellence that can be pursued but never attained.  It is in this pursuit that an athlete can push his or her limits.  I like that simple goal oriented philosophy.  It is exactly what makes me do the next run, swim, bike or marathon, or Ironman.  That…and I have no will power when it comes to eating.

Looking forward to posting some race week pictures.

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