IM Florida Training Log #4

This week was for recovery and testing.  It was also a wake-up call for my diet.  It was a good week for this as I was on-call over the weekend.  And of course, it continues to rain every other day.  Sorry, Northeasterners.  You get the snow, we get 50 degrees and rain.

Swim:  I did another 1050yard time-trial and improved about 40 secs.  My swim flaw fixes are not reducing my 100y time yet.  But the big theme this week was getting a wake-up call about my weight.  It’s painfully obvious now, but I realized my times were slower likely in part due to dragging a fatter trunk/legs through the water!?  In the past, a 10# weight gain has slowed me close to 3-4 seconds per 100y.  When I’m a tad lighter, I balance a little higher in the water.  So, the swim drills, endurance sets, speed sets will continue and I’m into DEFCON 1 for race weight.

Bike:  Completed my first FTP test of the new year.  My protocol is an hour ride with 15-20min warm-up, then all-out for 5mins, 5min recovery, then 20mins at highest power I can sustain.  I take 95% of that power to estimate my one hour critical power or FTP or estimated power I could hold for one hour.  I used to do 2 X 20min and take avg, but this protocol has been a good measure for me looking at race results.  Needless to say, this is a dark, painful, suck-it-up and finish test.  I’d like to think I looked like this gentleman afterward.


My 20min power was down about 5% from last year.  On the plus side it gives me room to improve.  Unfortunately, since my diet is emulating that of a sumo wrestler, my weight is up 8% too.  Therefore, my power-to-weight ratio is sucking.  I may be pushing OK watts for me but moving down the road slower.

Run:  Lower total volume this week.  Long runs are up to 17miles.  This week’s run was a calorie-reduced sufferfest.  It usually takes me about a week after a diet change to feel decent with an endurance workout.  Next week will be heavy so I’m glad I made the change this week.  There’s only 10 weeks to Boston.  I’m a little disappointed for getting behind on my diet but I have time to trim some down.  No time predictions yet.  Will have to see how the weight loss goes.

Diet:  No rocket science here.  Time to HTFU.  I will plead the 5th as to whether I can do this to my belly like Honey Boo Boo.


Thanks to reading.  Weight loss update next week.



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4 responses to “IM Florida Training Log #4

  1. Thank goodness that was Honey Boo Boo and not her mom doing the same thing. A hypnotizing GIF.

  2. That is a creepy / gross / weird gif! Haha

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