Race Weight Rules


Let’s check in again for a race weight review.  So far I have listed 3 rules:

My reminders for keeping the diet under control.

1. Drop calorie intake by 200-300 daily.  Or for me, nothing after supper.

2. Reduce refined sugars. Tough anytime of the year.  Walk pass those Reese’s cups.

3. Understand the process.  Decide to change your behavior because the goal is more important than any obstacle.

The next rule becomes important when the training hours go up.

4.  Careful with post-long workout appetite boost and over-eating.

Be it a volume boost for a triathlon, running race, gran fondo, open water swim, or longer hikes through the desert, your appetite will increase as the caloric output increases.  So naturally, we tend to eat more under these circumstances.  There is also another mind-trick for which we fall.  “I’ve just biked 3 hours, and burned 2000 calories.  I think I deserve that extra piece or two of pizza.”  My will power is weak under this influence.  Matt Fitzgerald, author of an interesting book, Racing Weight, calls this the compensation effect.  This compensation effect refers to notion that calories burned during exercise are often offset by increased appetite and over-eating.

There are ways to fight this.  Increasing protein in one’s diet(30%+total calories) can help satiate that dreaded appetite.  Protein also requires more energy to metabolize.  Drink plenty of water though.  Another trick is to increase fiber intake.  Especially high water content veggies or a salad prior to main meal can fill your stomach and reduce over-eating later.

If you’re interested in loosing weight as you exercise more, you have to watch the calorie intake.  If you cheat, you’ll lose nothing or actually gain weight.  I constantly fail all these rules but this one is my nemesis.  Oh, who am I kidding, they are all my nemeses.  That’s what I get for being the son of a Southern cooking Mother.


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