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IM Florida Training Log Week #2

IMG_0535Rode by this sign on my long bike today.  Been meaning to take a pic.  It’s also located on the aptly named Ironman Rd.  How’s that for training incentive.  Week #2 was bike-focused.  I got in 70 miles today with the help of some fellow Tri Club members.  First official group ride in the books!

The Black Mamba had some reconstructive surgery this weekend as well.  I’ll detail this in another post, but I finally decided to swap aerobar arm extensions for a S-bend instead of the stock bars.  Should have done it last year…so more comfortable.  No more excuses for time in the aerobars now.

Had some good swim training also.  Still working on two flaws and building some muscle memory.  I cross-over with my right arm and it causes some fishtailing.  I’m improving my body roll and pulling my shoulder back.  Now if I can just do it at tempo and when I’m fatigued.  Second, I’d like to improve my overall body position, especially when breathing.  Last swim, I got to marvel at a teenager do 100 yard repeats in 58secs.  He didn’t even look like he was swimming fast.  What am I missing?

11 weeks to the Boston Marathon and 39 weeks to Ironman Florida.  Let’s get it on!

Safe training.  Fluorescent Yellow is ugly but may keep you safe.


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