Week in Review

It’s been a long week.  Can’t say I was in the best mood this week either. In case you live under a rock, healthcare reform is a hot topic.  As a practicing physician, I’m  “kindly” asked by our government to increase my already bloated overhead and purchase an electronic medical record. 

Oh…and get it up and running or “kindly” be penalized for seeing Medicare patients.  Future reimbursement will be tied also into having compliant EHRs and publishing certain quality care measures proving that your EHR is being used meaningfully.  So…as a diligent law-abiding citizen, I’m having to add 1-2 hours on to my day putting every patient visit into the computer.  This, as you can plainly see, will make me a better physician to our aging population.  That’s sarcasm, if you weren’t feeling the vibe I sending out.

That was the genesis of the headache my staff, family, and I suffered this week.  I generally like routine and I imagine, sadly, that I will eventually slide this little speed-bump into my everyday life.  Doesn’t mean I can’t rant to the blog world like any good American.  I do feel better now.  Thanks.

On to more interesting things…Triathlon.  My confidence took a wee hit with a sub-par race last week.  However, my legs are showing glimpses of their former selves if the freaking heat wave would “simmer-down”.  Despite, what my coach is telling me (Sorry Stewart), I do think some residual fatigue built-up in my legs from doing the short top power intervals.  My muscular endurance suffered a little.  Add to that the careful hydration balance my body needs in the summer months and you have a recipe for burn-out.  Hate to admit that my race weight is in the red too.

This week is more bike focused but I’m keeping the power below threshold and building the endurance.  I went 2 hours today and legs almost felt strong.  I’ll call them steady at this point.  Diet is back on track with healthier foods and sorry sugar..you got to go again.  I’m going to pass on the Mtn Lakes Triathlon and focus instead on the Rocketman Oly in late August.  This will give me a few more weeks to fine tune the bike and run legs.

One goal of the year was to qualify for the USAT Age-Group Nationals and I did based on the top-10 finishes at Chatt. Challenge Half and Lake Guntersville Oly.  Unfortunately, I’ll pass on the trip to Burlington, Vt this year…Gotta save money for my first trip to run Boston next year.  Nice to hit a goal though.

Don’t want to jinx myself, but my LBS said that the Black Mamba shipped last week.  Tentatively,  I’m scheduled for final fitting next Friday…fingers-crossed.  I’m working next weekend, so the following week will be fine-tuning time.  In that same vein, I took to tinkering with my current steed and saddle.

A semi-new trend is putting a bottle cage tight up under the saddle.  Made famous by Chris Lieto and more recently by Craig Alexander.

It’s tucked away from the wind and more aerodynamic than a seat or down-tube bottle..supposedly.  Hey…I’m all about free speed.  My saddle is a ISM Adamo.  This model has…had a plastic extension of the rear saddle that could be used as a bike rack hook.  I sliced that off and re-stapled the leather back down.  I was then able to zip-tie my bottle cage up tight.

My water bottle goes in and Viola!..One extra bottle cage in super-aero location.  My ride tomorrow will see if this location is easily accessible or if I’ve just successfully manufactured a bottle rocket.

When viewed from the front-end, it disappears.  Out of the wind, baby.

Olympics are in full swing now.  Loving women’s soccer but looking forward to the Cycling time-trial.  Fabian Cancellara may be out after putting his bike and right arm into a barrier at today’s road race.  Hopefully, he’ll summon up his inner Spartacus and ride.  Women’s triathlon is slated for Aug 4th, 0430 ET and Men race on Aug 7th, 0630.  Will be DVRing those as well.

Happy Training!



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3 responses to “Week in Review

  1. Dave Truitt

    Sorry to hear about your week, Doc. Glad the legs are coming back. I also hate to hear your skipping Mt. Lakes (totally understand, though). I paid the exorbitant late entry fee just yesterday. Got the urge to do another USAT sanctioned race. Can’t wait to see the BLACK MAMBA!!!

  2. Hang in there…..times they are a changing.

    Always proud of what you accomplish despite what you see as “sub-par”….

    Hope the Black Mamba arrives on time as promised!

    As always …looking forward to the next post!

  3. 1. I opted out of Medicare and I scribble my notes on paper. I haven’t seen any black helicopters outside my office yet.
    2. Am I the only triathlete blogger without a coach? Seems like it.
    3. Nice bottle /seat hack.

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