Recapture Your Mojo

“So I started to work my mojo, to counter their mojo; we got cross-mojulation, and their heads started exploding.” Austin Powers

I felt a loss of motivation and was sensing some burn-out lately.  This isn’t a new feeling for me.  I dropped into that black hole a couple of times last year but of course I was training for an Ironman.  So far this year, I’ve raced more but my overall training volume is less than last year at this time.  But looking at the training logs, the miles are picking up acutely in the last 2 months.

That by itself is enough to get your mojo down.  Add to that the recent upswing in the temps outside and you have a good recipe for “the groans”.  I didn’t notice the warning signs much until the beach trip.  The training schedule for the weekend was tough and the weather hot.  Can’t say I’ve ever relished training at the beach.  Flat long roads, blazing heat, humidity, and headwinds are on my not-Top-10 list.

I got home and cataloged my aches and pains.  In the past, adding a few more quality sleep hours usually helped.  This go-around not so much.  Ironically, what did help was a nice long run.  I ran at a Zone 2/Endurance pace, hydrated well, and just seemed to settle into a happy groove.  About 4 miles in, I noticed a subtle shift in my mood.  I finished the run not feeling tired but feeling great.  Another Zen lesson for me.  Sometimes you just get burned out doing the same types of workouts.  I was hitting the bike volume heavily and seeing some nice improvements.  However, my psyche wanted more variation it appeared.  Some heat acclimatization was important was well.

In the spirit of National Running Day, I recommend a nice run along a new route alone or with friends.  It’s good for your health; both mental and physical.


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2 responses to “Recapture Your Mojo

  1. Dave Truitt

    Good post, Doc! Timely, too. I was just noticing this week that I was a bit grumbly. Then I realized that I’ve been pushing the speed work for the last two weeks. Time for some slow runs, indeed!

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