TD, my hero.

Tomorrow we bid farewell to a comrade in arms.  Trent D., affectionately nicknamed, TD.  He was a giant among boys in just his second full triathlon season.  So much potential, he was struck down in his prime.  We are saddened by the void that his absence will leave.  We pray that he is in a better place and will one day return to us.

I met Trent 2 years ago introduced by mutual friends.  Little did I know at the time that TD was a local hero.  He was the star high school quarterback and played Div 1 football at the University of Alabama.  In high school he was the Big Man On Campus and dated all the cheerleaders (my info on this is sketchy, but will be implied in the Hollywood movie).  It was in those formidable years that he honed his body into the dense, ripped, 8-packed freak that he is today.  It was just natural that no other single sport would be enough to satisfy this powerhouse.  He jumped head-first into triathlon training and racing.  He placed in every race in which he toed the line and smoked the Ironman Florida course a short year later.

The sponsorship, book, movie, and TV deals started flooding in but he refused to be polluted by the mass media.  He had only one goal in his mind…To Crush All his Enemies and Hear the Lamentations of the Women.  I think he said that…I may be thinking of Conan the Barbarian..but the essence is the same.  He was well on his way to dominating the sport.  He was considered the next Craig Alexander.  As his DTri Club friends, we followed his rise to stardom.

Tragically he encountered the one thing that could destroy his carefully planned life in triathlon.  He met Caley W.  He fell miserably and painfully in love.  Uggh,  the agony, the torture.  Worst yet, she was an athletic beast herself.  She ran cross country at UAH.  Soon they were seen, of all things, running together.  He began to cut back on his group training rides and runs.  He was seen walking a small rat…or it could of been a dog with Caley.  So domesticated and apparently beaten down with devotion.  But, TD, ever the professional, still managed to bang out 17-18min 5k runs during this persecution.  We, as his training partners and friends, mourn his loss.  We speculate on what could have been.

Last I saw my friend he was walking united with Caley.  He ironically had a big smile on his face.  He yelled over his shoulder as they faded over the horizon,  “I’ll be back, I promise.”

This is a tribute to my friend, TD.  Your my brother from another mother.  Love You Bro.  Best wishes to you and Caley on your wedding.  I hope God blesses you with many years of love, health, fortune, and of course triathlon.  Get working on some little triathletes too.  Your and Caley’s genetic make-up are going to produce some athletic monsters!

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  1. Dave Truit

    Ha haaaaa! Well said, Doc!

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