Let’s go Zone 4/5–ing

What’s more fun than training?  What’s the goal of training all year?  Yes, you are correct.  Damn, you’re smart people.  It is signing up for a race.  Especially, one not on the original schedule.  My friends and I talked me into adding a road run this Saturday.  I couldn’t let them have all the fun and pride of finishing another race.

I speak of the Steeplechase 8k here in my backyard.  It courses around downtown passing by 10 historic church steeples.

I emailed my coach to make sure I wasn’t messing up the theme of the training week.  I still have a couple of heavy bike workouts this weekend.  This would be a great time to have a masseuse on staff and maybe some of those NormaTec recovery-pump boots.  But I’ll settle for ice baths and good night sleep.

No special prep for this race.  I know you may be shocked at my lack of preparation but I’ll go all OCD on my next triathlon in 2 weeks.  Truth be told, I wanted to add this race because of the distance.  It’ll be a good tempo training run to add in the build-up to the Lake Guntersville Olympic.   I start doubting my leg speed if I’ve been doing big bike volume.  So, some fast Zone 4/5 running is the prescription this weekend.  Let’s go run!

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