The Hills are alive…and I am dead.

Another installment in my Love-Hate relationship with Climbing on the Bike.

There were few “Sound of Music” moments over the last two days.  Yesterday early, I picked up Dave T. and we headed over to Lake Guntersville State Park.  It’s the site of a triathlon of the same name.  It’s coming up in a short 3 weeks.  Dave is signed up and will be his first foray at the Olympic distance.  Good friend I am, I praised him for choosing a challenging course.  There was a practice tri on the course in early April and quickly I realized it wouldn’t be a cracking fast race.  We will be swimming off this beach.  It’s a nice venue for sure.

As all triathlons set in state parks, it always seems you have to hit some big rollers to get out.  This course is no exception.  After the first 3 miles, it’s fairly flat until mile 14.  Then you’re rewarded with a slow, long hill.  There’s a reunion at mile 16…Yes!  It’s not steep but I just can’t climb that sucker fast without burning a few matches.

Dave and I biked one loop together as I forced him to listen to my analysis of the course.  He probably turned his iPOD on during this time without my knowledge.  We met some canine friends but otherwise it was uneventful.  I will admit riding the course at 0800 (close to race time) was easier.  The wind was down compared to my last loop done in the afternoon.   I dropped Dave off to do his brick run and I did another loop.  Now the wind was up.  I’ll have more analysis of my race strategy nearer the race date.  But I pushed the second loop as a test.  Our first loop took 1:28.  Nice and easy.  I pushed 20+more watts the second loop and only took off 8 mins.  It’ll be fun to run the numbers.  I know it’s sad, my technology addiction.  Overall, it was a good day.  I look forward to this triathlon.

Today guaranteed to be tough.  Coach had a hilly 2.5 hr ride followed by mid-length hilly run on the schedule.  Hilly around home means heading out towards Priceville and heading southeast.  There are bigger climbs in Huntsville area but I wanted to stay closer to home.  This was the first street sign I saw.  I felt so serene at that time.  Sucker!!

That feeling continued until I was halfway up this steep grade.  Mommy.

But I finally got to the top of Burningtree Mtn.  Had to stop to take this pic.  Be sweet to have a back porch overlooking this view.

That was the pinnacle of this ride.  The rest was just a sufferfest.  My legs were finally feeling the exertion of yesterday and cumulative fatigue from the race last week.  And I needed to run a brick too.  Awesome!!

Ok, last pic.  Had to stop one more to time to snap a photo of my dream house and acreage.  Actually it’s the land not the house, though it has a pool, that I really like.  Now, I just have to win the lottery and convince my wife (a confirmed city-girl), to move to the country.

I limped back to my car and slipped on my running shoes.  It had heated up a bit also.  This was going to be fun.  Let’s just say my legs wanted to walk most of this brick run.  The first few miles were a run/walk journey up and down the hills.  Legs finally came around in the last mile but I was cooked at that time.  Only did 45 mins of the 1 hour planned.  Will have to challenge myself with this route another day.  Now time to sleep and then sleep some more.

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  1. Thank you for checking out my blog. I love the title of this post! Great read too.

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