Pre-race Chattahoochee

Drove down this morning to Columbus.  Fairly straight shot.  I took the scenic route and still took 4 hours.  Forgot about the time change until dinner time.  Was wondering why I was hungry.  Actually, I wasn’t wondering, I’m always ready to eat.  I checked into the hotel which gladly is very convenient and clean.  Talking to the hotel manager, she says the hotel is always full due to Fort Benning graduations.  They occur almost very weekend she says.

I drove down to transition and looked down at swim exit.  The river is much more narrow than I expected and there does appear to be a little current which will help a little.

I took this pic looking back up river.  To the right is the edge of the boat ramp we will exit.  The water looked shallow in places as well.


I put on my running shoes and jogged down to the swim start.  They brought in a floating pier this year which will make the start much easier.  Watch out for the rocks?!  Hope they let some water out from the dam.


About 2.5 miles up the Riverwalk is the turn-around on the run.  The Riverwalk was nice.  It’ll be very scenic on the run loops.  Overall, the downtown venue is very similar to Augusta.  Fortunately, the temps will be down.  But that’s a trade for the rain I guess.

I took this at the run turn-around on the Riverwalk.  Lots of folks fishing out there this afternoon.

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