Led Zeppelin for Long Runs

It’s been a long training week.  Completed 14 hours. More than half over the weekend.  Most of the miles were on the bike.  I’m a little behind in training hours compared to last year.  Last year, I  biked 100 more miles at this date.  I’ve had to shorten or miss some workouts this year due to a busy office and lots of kid activities.  I’m not complaining.  I don’t want to wake up one day and realize I missed my kids growing up.  It is difficult with a busy job and a full triathlete training schedule.

Last year was an Ironman year so there was a long build-up with lots of miles.  Fortunately, I have another year of good endurance in my legs so I shouldn’t need as many miles to build. At least I keep telling myself that.  There are signs of improvement.  My FTP is my 20 points on the bike.  I pr’d several run distances also.  I can’t report significant swim time improvement despite video analysis and lots of drilling though.  I need lots more time in the pool but I have to sacrifice that for bike and run time.

So, out on the bike and the run this weekend I hooked up my new ipod shuffle.  I washed my old one with the dirty laundry.  My wife promised she could get it dried out in a bowl of rice.  I watched a few days then gave up on it.  I need my tunes on the run.  10 days later it was dried and good to go.  Oops, why do I ever doubt my wife and her blasted Pinterest friends?  But I like my new shuffle’s radio.  I’ve enjoyed running to Classic rock.  Reminds me that I graduated from high school in the last century.  Hey, haters, I don’t care.  I’ll take The Cars over Nicki Minaj any day!!


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