Over the Hills and thru the Woods

I took my iPhone along for the ride today.  On the schedule was a 3 hour bike including several long climbs.  Yesterday, call was not good.  So, I was looking forward to getting out in the country and just riding.  It’s my Chicken soup for the Soul.  I didn’t want to go over 60miles total so I  drove out to Priceville and kicked it off from there.

This is the view up Bethel Rd.  That would be the last flat section on the ride sadly.  One of the few times I could stay in the aerobars.  I headed south into a mild headwind until I got closer to Falkville and to the foothills of the climbs.  I like this route because the shade going up the mountain and only a few frisky dogs to elude.

There was cool quarry around the corner from start of climb #1.  The water looked cool enough to jump in.

The first climb was a hard grind up Nat Key Rd.  Just about a mile long.  The grade is steep enough to make your legs wonder what the #@&? you’re doing.  Then I cruised over to the next climb.  It’s a 3 mile wind up  Gandys Cove Rd…Low traffic and a nice 3-5% grade to settle into.

This pic doesn’t do it justice but around the bend there’s a nice canopy of tree branches that cover the road and the last mile is shaded nicely.  I like this hill so much, I raced down and climbed again.

I tracked back to Bert Stinson Rd.  It’s a wandering road that climbs about 2.5 miles up  Wilson Mtn.  Then I got to bag down Wilson Mtn Rd.  You can hit 50+mph with little effort.  Always nice to get that air flow, especially on a warm day.

It was a great day.  I ended up riding 57 miles and climbing for 2000+ft.  That will help the leg strength come my first tri in 3 weeks.

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