Wrenching fun

My new favorite on-call pastime is bike wrenching.  Actually, it should be my everyday stress reliever.  Over the last couple of years, I’m slowly making upgrades to my tri-bike.  I tried using a couple of local bike stores but the turn around was slow on repairs and customer service left much to be desired.  So, doc’s bike shop opened.  Fortunately, my bike is easy to work with.  Only task that has caused headaches is threading cables through the frame.  Internal cable housing is more aerodynamic and gives the bike a cleaner look.  I’ve learned little short cuts and tricks to make this process quicker, but it’s still a pain.    This year it was time for new brakes.  The current ones are original equipment and, though I tried to keep up routine maintenance, they’re getting old.  New brakes won’t make the bike faster but it’s nice to stop when you need to also…good for concussion prevention.  I went with a pair of SRAM Force brakes.  I like the muted silver color, the skeletonized arms, and the indexed quick release.  They’re a little lighter than the Shimano brakes but seriously cheaper than any premo carbon brakeset.

I snapped some pics of the finished product.  Nice, if I don’t say so myself.









My other project was courtesy of a fellow tri club member.  Big Matt had the misfortune of stripping a pedal from one crankarm.  I sold him a spare crankset that fit well but I couldn’t get the front derailleur to shift easily to the big chainring.  After a day of tweaking, I gave up.  Unfortunately, I think it was damaged from a bike wreck he had earlier.  Time for a new front derailleur.  I just put the new one on tonite and it’s shifting like butter.  Everybody better watch out.  Big Matt with a fully functioning bike is a dangerous weapon.

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