Green Acres are the place for me



  Weekend bike ride went well.  I’m slowing making my way from home out to Bankhead Forest.  There’s a nice hill climb there that I want to hit one day.  It takes about 30miles to reach the edge of the National Forest.  My mileage isn’t up that high yet this year.  Anyway, I was on schedule to hit it today and noticed my iphone had jumped ship.  After some choice words that the nearby cows had to endure, I back-tracked 3 miles to find it.  Lucky.  Just a couple of screen protector nicks. No major cracks.

Back around, I headed out to Massey.  I passed this little country store.  It just spoke to me so I took a picture.

A few more miles out, I came up on the top of a small hill.  This was my view for the next 15 minutes.  Beautiful country out there if you know where to look.  It was cold and windy but as you can tell the sky was huge.  Sun was out just not warming.  I was sad to turn around and head home.  The 3 hour ride turned into a 3 1/2 hour ride but I needed to push my long ride duration anyway.







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