I Gotta have My Space

A few months ago, I decided it was time for a mini garage renovation.  By mini, I mean, the portion of the garage devoted to my Tri Cave.  With most of my home DYI projects, I try to follow a cheap budget then fail miserably.  However, this time, I required just a few things that the local Big Lots could provide at a discount.  A couple of plastic drawer-towers on wheels, a can of spray paint, and of course, duck tape.

The problem with the Tri-Cave v1.0 is that I couldn’t find things consistently.  If I didn’t see it after looking shortly, I’d buy a new one.  Hence, I have too many used swim goggles, bar wrap tape remnants, and blistex tubes.  I’m set if I need to go cycling in a blizzard.  Not too many snow storms here.

Ergo…There was a need for Tri-Cave v2.0.  I wanted to purge some used stuff and organize my triathlon gear.  I guilted son #1 to help in this project.  I give him the credit for spray painting the workbench.  We pre-taped the letters T-R-I.  Yeah, my wife laughed at us, but I think it’s cool.  Only a triathlete would like this however.  After I win the lottery, I’ll build my workshop in the backyard.  That will be the ultimate Tri-Cave with bike trainer/treadmill/weights/flat screens/ and yes…you’re right…my own Endless Pool.  Not in this lifetime, unfortunately.  Maybe I can takeover one of the kid’s bedrooms??

Yeah, I know..To those truly organized…it may be too busy.  But it is really more functional on a daily basis.

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  1. Grace

    I think it looks good….great job on the “tri” paint job! Funny stuff…..enjoying the blog!

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