What’s sleep? I don’t need no stinking sleep!

       I guess my off-season is officially over.  I’m deep into my first build phase watching the CTL (Chronic Training Load) on Training Peaks slowly climb out of the sewer that was this fall.  Putting up more and more bike and run mileage.  Schedule is loaded with lots of mid-distance runs (90mins), and rides (2-2 1/2hrs).  Trying to get my cycling legs back under me.  First duathlon  is in 6 weeks and first triathlon,  4 weeks after that.  Coach Stuart Lamp with Peak Form Coaching is pushing me through this heavy period.  I should be stronger by that time.  Just need to keep my yoga and strength training up as well.  Older son’s middle school soccer season starts today also.  Younger son’s baseball begins soon.  Add in a little work and that leaves 10 mins a day to finish my taxes.   I’m not complaining; in fact I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Out————–


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2 responses to “What’s sleep? I don’t need no stinking sleep!

  1. Tired just reading about you’re schedule….think I need a nap :). Just kidding…..keep rocking it!!! Gives us light-weights motivation!!!

  2. Doc, you are a busy man… keep up the good work and I hope to see you on the trails…

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