Swim Epiphany-Sort of

        Rushed at lunch to get in my swim workout.  Time-crunched..so I only got in 1700y.  But after a short warm-up and my drill sets,   I did 100y repeats until I ran out of time.  I got in 6 repeats.  I swam controlled and +/- easy with my new stroke thoughts and was hitting 1:30/100y.   That’s not exactly flying but it was the feeling that I could hit that number easier with less effort.  I hope that means the new freestyle stroke is more efficient.  The goal for all this work this early season is to swim faster of course, but really to do it with less energy wasted.  Over the next couple of months, I’ll be working on my muscular endurance at this number.  I fear the stroke mechanics may revert to old habits at longer distances.   I also want to experiment with a faster cadence for those rougher, open water swims.  One of my yearly goals is to hit sub 26minutes for 1500K swim without wetsuit, or slighter faster with one.

Not Me in Picture, in case your wondering.

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  1. Trent Dean

    Your picture of the Iowa Hawkeyes swimmers reminds me of a story about the Iowa football team. They use to have the opposing team’s locker room painted entirely pink. It remained this way until the media found out about it and of course, some group of gay-lesbian supporters started complaining and the university decided to change the color. Studies have shown that a pink room will cause the people in the room to become more docile. The study was completing using prisoners. Kind of interesting stuff if you ask me. Anways, I enjoy your post! Keep ’em coming!

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