Run 2 Calvary 2 mile Race

Got back in the race mode today over in Tuscumbia.  First race of

2012 was a short 2 mile sprint around downtown.  I hoped we

would avoid the rain but it started 5mins before the gun sounded.

It made for a wet day of racing and running.  Despite the rain, there

was a good group of runners (@180, I think).  I ran this race in

2008.  My time was 12:58.  My goal today was a sub 12:30.  My

running aerobic base is good, but haven’t done much speed

work with exception of some strides and hill work.  I also did a

3hour bike ride yesterday.  My legs felt rested though, and warmed

up running the course once.  We toed the line a little after 0900.  I

found some room behind a couple ofteenagers and to the left of a

group of 8-9 year-olds.  Unfortunately, the race director didn’t

move these younger folks back.  I worried they’d get pushed

at the start.

I sprinted hard at the start to get ahead a little.  The course start is wide but it

bottlenecks in the first 100yards.  Once pass this point, we run uphill for a 1/4 mi

then run a big box.  The next segment was flat to slightly downhill.  I just ran

steady…just kept it below redline…felt like 5k effort (probably the  downhill?!).

Crossed mile 1 in 6:10.  I knew the last 1/2 mile is a slight incline so I ran with

good form and relaxed breathing until this turn.  Was able to keep pushing

through to finish.  Second mile slightly faster in 6:06.  Overall 12:16.  1/14 in AG,

9/187? OV.  Enjoyed the race endorphins, then finished most of my long run

planned afterward.  Total=12 miles of the 14 scheduled finished.  The cold rain

drained my energy.  Long training tomorrow planned.  Got a 2 1/2 hour ride and

1 hour run.  Sleeping good tonite!!!

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