Odds and Ends

1.  I finally admitted to myself that I’m fighting a virus.  It’s been two half-miserable days with chills, aches, and a darned runny nose.  Going to sleep early tonite to let the body recover.

2. Second meeting of the year for Decatur Tri Club scheduled for Thursday.  I missed the last one by an hour.  I’ve got alerts on every electronic device I have. Hopefully that may help. 

3. First race of the year coming up on Saturday and I’m super-psyched just to get out their again. Though its just a 2 mile run, these races usually leave me energized all weekend. 

4. First 4 days of this week are easy on the training schedule…a mini-recovery.  Starting Friday, I got some heavy runs and cycling to do.  This is week one of the first Build period of the year.  I’ll see if I can get some training partners out there.

5. Swim, Bike, Run Courses for the Chattahoochee Challenge Half are posted on website.  It appears the swim will be partially down river, then turn around back up the river—won’t be as fast as I hoped.  Bike course is a winding out and back with minimal turns and fairly flat terrain.  Run will be flat and fast.  Now time to get the training up.  I’ll be once again looking for that elusive sub 5hr half time. We’ll see.

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