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Academy award Loser

This is my first semi-successful Bike-ride video.  I got a GoPro camera from my awesome wife at Christmas.  I’ve used it primarily to do some underwater  swim analysis. I wanted to take it on some bike rides t00.  I am struggling to find a good microphone set-up.  The camera has a built-in microphone, but I found it less than sensitive while out on the road.  It just didn’t pick up my voice well.  Yes, I am soft-spoken.  I can hear my wife in the background, “Just enunciate!”  Anyway, I bought one microphone that never seemed to work outdoors.  Worked great indoors then nothing.

The video quality is great.  The audio not bad with the new microphone.  I got an extra plastic case for the camera and drilled a hole at the microphone jack.  The external microphone just plugs in and is ready to go.  As you will see, I need to fix the position of the microphone.  It came falling down into the wind.  The wind was up today which didn’t help.  Sheltered from the wind it worked well.  I may put on a foam wind cover  to lose this excessive background noise.

Lastly, if you watch the video, you may wonder if I have a saliva problem.  Sadly, I didn’t realize how many times I was spitting and blowing snot rockets during the video.  I will keep my day job and not run off to Hollywood and start doing Film Documentaries.  Technique needs some refining.  Is this how Spielberg started?


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