Progress on modified swim stroke

Had a longer lunch break today, so I was able to get to pool earlier.  2200+yards.  I am doing alot of swim drills to improve a “few” swim flaws that I caught on the GoPro camera.  By a few, I mean many.  In order of significance:  Dropped elbow on catch,  right hand crossover and subsequent fishtailing legs, poor kick, poor upper body rotation, and less than perfect streamlining.  Unfortunately, I just reciting most of the freestyle stroke.   So, I’ve worked hard on the early vertical forearm or high elbow catch.  It must be working because my delts are hurting in new ways.  I’ve done catch-up drills also to practice rotation, reach with hands without crossover, and trying to feel less leg fishtailing.  On a straight 100y swim, I am about 5 secs faster.  I plan on doing a follow-up swim video next week and compare a before and after.  If interesting, I’ll post to site.  I’ll keep the drills up all year, but I need to start doing some longer sets and intervals to build up the aerobic system…that will help just as much.  First triathlon is April 21st-swim is 1.2mi (2100yards).

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